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eSports betting tips: Tuesday 4/21

eSports betting tips: Tuesday 4/21
Find everything you are looking for to bet on eSports this Tuesday!
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Monday, April 20 2020

Betting Tips for Tuesday!  Another day with a varied card in several games. And attention, read the warnings below the article, in the yellow frame! here we have a bankroll division to be followed!

Dota 2 | SIGUL Pro League - NoVa vs Nemiga:

For this duel between the NoVa team against Nemiga for the qualification in the SIGUL Pro League, the Nemiga team intends to come for this match aggressive, having a 40% win rate this month, while the NoVa team still presents a poor performance of 34%. We believe that Nemiga has a greater advantage for this duel.

Dota 2 | SIGUL Pro League - Khan vs Cyber Legacy:

In this fight between Khan against Cyber Legacy for the qualification in the SIGUL Pro League, the Khan team has been showing good results in their games, with a winrate of 58% of victories, the team has good communication and focus on the goals, while Cyber Legacy is still rising from its losses, with a 44% winrate this month. We believe that for the victory, the Khan team has a greater advantage over Cyber Legacy.

CS:GO| Telia Esports Series Season 3 - Conquer Gaming vs SJ Gaming:

For this duel between the teams Conquer vs SJ for the qualification for Telia Esports Series Season 3, the team of SJ Gaming has greater advantage in table, having 2 consecutive victories in their last two games. On the other side, the Conquer Gaming team has been recovering from a defeat by the KOVA team. We believe that SJ Gaming has a greater chance of winning Round 1 in this match.

CS:GO| ESL Benelux - Conquer Gaming vs SJ Gaming:

For this match between the AMSTERDAM Kings teams against LAMIF for the qualification in the ESL - Benelux league, the AMSTERDAM Kings team intends to come strong for this duel, having a 50% win rate in their last games, while LAMIF has a small rate of 10%. We believe that the AMSTERDAM Kings team has a greater advantage over LAMIF to win the game.



The bets in this column are only to be taken as  investment suggestions for bets that contain long-term value, however we do not guarantee a profit and are not responsible for any losses.
Here we have suggestions and the word suggestion already tells you what is mentioned here.  That is, just a suggestion.

The column will contain a specific and professional bankroll management, based on a universal language, which are the units.

We recommend that you respect your bankroll management system.  Where the bank is divided into 60 units. And no bet technically can be worth more than 1 unit. And the units will be divided into "SMALL" stakes which correspond to 33% of their unit. "MID" which corresponds to 66% of your unit and "BIG" which consists of the entire unit. When we talk about a Big bet, we are talking about 1 unit being placed into the bet.

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