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Reasons to play Sit and Go

Reasons to play Sit and Go
Below we list some reasons for you to start practicing Sit and Go, stay on top!
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Monday, June 1 2020

Playing SNG boosts your confidence

Generally, tournament players spend only 30% of their time winning games, but according to one study, a good SNG player manages to win an average of 50% of the games they play. This ends up raising your confidence in the game, as you arrive more often at the prizes, and consequently generates a motivation to be working harder and harder.

Field has more beginner players

A great tip for you who are new to poker is to start with SNG, because many players are starting with this mode, so you will end up finding a field with many new players.

However, you will encounter regular players along the way, but in relation to tournaments, the SNG has a Field with more beginning players, which increases your chances of success within this mode.

SNG are faster games

Sit and Go are faster games, unlike tournaments, which take long hours to finish, so SNG fits your schedule perfectly.
To give you an idea, tournaments last from 4 hours to 12 hours, depending on the style, whereas the Sit and Go of a table lasts an average of 40 minutes.

Even the SNG of many tables is much faster than a tournament, lasting an average of an hour and a half, that is, this mode is perfect for those who divide their time between work (other activities) and poker.

Simpler strategies compared to other modes

Post-flop play in the higher blinds is almost non-existent, due to the fact that the number of chips received is smaller (it usually starts with 1500 chips), so this ends up being a great advantage for the beginning player.

One of the most difficult skills to master in poker is playing post-flop, so in this mode even if you don't have that skill it won't make you lose as much money as if you were playing in a tournament.

So, the main skill you need to master in this mode is pre-flop, and because there are already several studies and tables that exemplify which hands are profitable to be played pre-flop, it is much easier for you to master and thus be successful.