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DOTA 2: Former World Champion banned for manipulating results

DOTA 2: Former World Champion banned for manipulating results

Former world champion, Newbee, has been banned for manipulating results.

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Beginning the year 2021, the former world champion team was banned for manipulating results in DOTA 2. The organization of Newbee who was the 2014 World Cup champion at The International 4, was banned forever from any official Valve tournament.

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According to information, Newbee had already carried out some irregularities previously, anticipating several episodes within the competitive of DOTA 2. The real reason for the team's punishment was due to a manipulation of results within DOTA 2. Despite Newbee having suffered this punishment, the players also did not go unpunished. Along with climbing, players Xu "Moggy" Han, Yin "Aq" Rui, Wen "Wizard" Lipeng, Yan "Waixi" Chao and Zeng "Faith" Hongda, were also banned forever from any official Valve event.

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However, none of this is new in the year 2020, as the organization had already received a suspension from not being able to participate in any tournament that had a connection with the Chinese Professional Association. After that, in August, players Aq, Wizard and Waixi had been disconnected from Newbee.
Things started getting weird for Newbee when the team faced Avengerls in February 2020 inside Starladder Imba TV Minor. In the dispute, Newbee argued that it had a communication problem in the squad, due to the matches being played online. After that, the Chinese Professional Association began an investigation involving the organization on suspicion of manipulating results. After three months of investigation, the Chinese Professional Association banned Newbee and passed the news on to Valve, being the first time in history that a World Cup winning team has received this type of punishment.
Despite this, Newbee's history within DOTA 2 is quite long. The organization had a heavy cast in all its years of activity, with "Faith", who was the 2012 International champion alongside Invictus Gaming. In 2014, Newbee became one of the biggest teams, winning the title of DOTA 2 World Champion.
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