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FIFA 21: Anders Vejrgang already thrashed against world champion

FIFA 21: Anders Vejrgang already thrashed against world champion

The Danish prodigy, Anders Vejrgang, already thrashed against world champion; check details and other records.

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At just 15 years old, Anders Vejrgang already thrashed against world champion. The FIFA 21 player already has a 510-game winning streak and a historic rout against Mohammed "MoAuba". The Dane, just 15 years old, is considered a prodigious boy in the eSports modality in the FIFA 21 Weeknd League. The player has already won several triumphs in EA Sports football, even counting with absurd 16x0 scores in one of his matches.

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In addition, this week the player managed to do the feat of keeping 510 games without losing, achieving an astronomical invincibility in FIFA 21. Through his exploits, the boy draws attention by being able, through a ferocious attack, to score up to 15 or more goals in a single match. Despite all his skills and recognition, Anders is still unable to participate in official EA Sports championships, as he has not yet reached the minimum age of 16 to compete officially.

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However, let's check out some historical achievements of the player:

Anders vs Erné Embeli (7x1)

German youtuber, Erné Embeli, who was playing for his Borussia Dortmund, was in a dispute with Anders, and lost 7-1. The Dane was anything but merciful to his rival, setting the same score that Germany had played against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup.

Anders vs DjMariiO (3x0)

The Spanish youtuber, DjMariiO, is extremely well known in Spain for his football in FIFA 21, but it was not enough for the boy Anders. With all his experience since 2012, DjMariiO was no match for Anders RB Leipzig. At the end of the dispute with the score of 3x0, DjMariiO felt the ferocity of the Danish boy in his skin.

Anders vs MoAuba (7x1 and 6x2)

The FIFA world champion, Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous, was also one of the rivals that were no match for the boy Anders. Even carrying the title of world champion, "MoAuba" failed to do much in his clash against RB Leipzig de Anders. Confronting the boy in two games, the world champion lost to Anders by 7x1 and 6x2, making it clear that the curriculum does not matter much at times like these.

Anders vs Hesketh (11x0)

The clash against Hesketh in 2020 was something inexplicable for the 25-year-old English player. In the dispute for the European qualifiers, Anders defeated his rival by the score of 11-0, making Hesketh lose his head during the duel. The English player even let go of control at various times during the game and even offended the Danish boy's mother. All of these situations resulted in the disqualification of Hesketh by EA Sports itself. In addition, the incident also resulted in the termination of a contract with Fnatic that Hesketh owned.
Despite all these feats of Anders, the player also has historical scores in his luggage, such as: 16x0, 13x0 and 9x0. All these moments became a collection for the boy, who today has a record of 510 undefeated games in the FIFA 21 Weeknd League.