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PES 2022: Game will be renamed and distributed for free

PES 2022: Game will be renamed and distributed for free
Known as Pro Evolution Soccer, the game will be renamed and distributed for free.
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The game, which emerged as Winning Eleven in the East, was renamed Pro Evolution Soccer in the West. However, for the new edition of 2022, Konami has announced that the game will be renamed and will be distributed free to play. The developer revealed last Wednesday morning that its football simulator will be called eFootball and will be distributed free for consoles, PCs and smartphones. Konami also announced that eFootball will have big news, both in visuals and in gameplay.

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According to company developer Seitaro Kimura, players will enjoy new changes when playing eFootball as free-to-play. The developer comments that the idea had been around for two years and luckily coincided with the next generation console transition: “Regardless of the devices, players can enjoy eFootball as free-to-play (F2P). change about two years ago to coincide with the console generation transition and changes in the market environment." To complement his speech, Kimura also commented on the new "Match Pass" system: "We will also launch a "Match Pass" system, similar to other F2P titles, but we plan to share more details next month."

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Using the Unreal Engine system, the developer Konami will bring a strong revision of its animation system to improve its look. The technology used in eFootball is called "Motion Matching", with improvement in optimizing players on the field. Konami called these "highly realistic moves". Thus, "Motion Matching" will begin to be used in this new generation of consoles, PCs and smartphones.
Using the Unreal Engine will also allow developers to work in unified environments across platforms. Thus, there will be a "cross-play" mode between players, that is, whoever is on the console can play together with whoever is on the PC or smartphone, and vice versa.


Bringing great news, the gameplay could not be left out of eFootball. According to information, the game will bring defense changes in 1v1 and during dribbling. In specific, the dribbling will feature innovations both in control and in the players' defense system.
In addition, it has been reported that the "ball control" action will take advantage of the R2/T2 analogs to provide greater ball control. The "Knock-On" will perform strong touches on the ball. Thus, the defensive control, "Match-Up" and "Physical Defense", will have new elements, making the defender be able to avoid a dribble.
The approach on these factors directly affected the 1v1 of the game, and adapted this to the possible loss or recovery of the ball, referring to the distance between each player and the movement: "It was a big decision to change the controls that people are used to, but it made it the most realistic and most responsive ball battle to the user's intentions."
"We built a completely new animation system called "Motion Matching". We believe that 1v1 offense and defense performed in this way is the most important innovation in eFootball."
As for smartphones, the developer revealed that: "On both mobile and consoles, users can enjoy the same experience. In addition, users can enjoy cross-platform matchmaking across all available platforms (console, PC and mobile), so play eFootball on every device you have."
Konami has also introduced the ace Neymar Jr as an ambassador for the eFootball PES series: “We are excited to announce that Brazilian Superstar Neymar has become an ambassador for eFootball PES series!”

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