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Method for the "Both teams to score" market

The both teams to score market is an excellent choice for punters, since it possible to work based on a concrete data base and get incredible profits.

In this article I'm going to share my experience in this market, both my successes and failures, as well as the small details that can make the difference and help you grow your bank.


Miss Finland bluffs Ronnie Bardah (amazing)

Who could resist to Miss Finland Sara Chafak bluff?

Football Trading: Set Pieces

Set pieces can be a gold mine for the prepared trader.

The study of the duel and of both teams will guarantee your profit.

Plain strategies with expected positive value

A plain strategy takes advantage of the imperfections of the market.
We call this technique "plain" because the used tactic is always the same for every match.
There are plain strategies in bets, but are they worth?

Short competitions / Season begin

In the absense of an history, the interpretation that is done during the game is the most important.

Trading pre-live periods

Prelive trading can be divided in two steps:
- Until one hour before the game starts the odds respect the correlations and we can predict its movement;
- In the hour that precedes the starting of the game there are an increase in liquidity and the movement of the odds are more determined by the market, its movement is also less predictable;

How to use the Advanced Stats Search functionality?

This is a tool developed by the betting Academy that you will find nowhere else!

Use the search function freely to test your favourite techniques and maybe find out just the statistic you were looking for to bet with good value.

Horses Trading

Unlike football, the sole purpose of horse racing are the stakes. No one will travel 300 Km to watch their favourite horse in a Hippodrome.
I studied in depth the market for horses. It is a very attractive market for pure trading because it has a lot of liquidity.

Professional Trader: advantages and disadvantages

A successful trader with 10 years of experience developed discipline, work method and emotional control (and a remarkable movement speed of the mouse !). These are the best values for a work ethic.

Everything Poker Ep. 13 - The Review Show (video)

Everything you wanted to know about poker but were afraid to ask.

The Review Show

Everything Poker Ep. 12 - Playing Draws (video)

Everything you wanted to know about poker but were afraid to ask.

Playing Draws


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