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Bet on the bookmaker

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  • R$


Lay bet on Betfair


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  • R$


Profit / Loss

Value to add or subtract to the bonus:
if you win in the Bookie
if you win on Betfair

Exchange rates updated daily.
Last update: 19-10-2020 11:11h








to risk:

Odd Back:



  1. %

  2. %

  3. %

  4. %

  5. %



/ Loss

Net Profit / Loss

* Some variations in the values may occur due to rounding.

Note: Calculations are only valid in markets where there is only one possilbe winner. Ex: Correct Score market



Betting Academy US has a calculator for more accurate bets.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of this betting calculator, to understand what amount you may win. Based on the probability of a given result (value of the odd), you can confirm how much you can win with your bets.

In the combined betting calculator, you just have to enter the predicted values and the calculator does the rest!

Here you will be able to calculate the return of your bets accurately.

Trading Calculator

For a more advanced level, Traders will find a trading calculator at the Betting Academy US. Confirm your guesses, calculate your bets in favor (Back) and against (Lay) with our calculator. You can also calculate in the Lay-Back direction.

How does this calculator work?

Based on a given value of the odd and your bet, with this trading calculator you can understand how much your profit will be, both gross and net, to take even more advantage of rises and drops of the odds.

Secure your strategy before the key moment of the game!

Dutching Calculator

Dutching is a specific type of bet that consists of placing simultaneous bets on various outcomes in order to guarantee equal profit on all choices.

With the Betting Academy US's Dutching calculator you find out how much to bet on each of your selections, so you can guarantee equal profit on all your bets.

Calculate the return of your bets for any combination quickly and safely!!

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