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What will you find at the UK betting Academy?

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The betting Academy is an online betting school for winners and a sharing space for betting knowledge. Will you stay out?

What is the betting Academy?

  • It’s a sports betting school for winners.
  • It’s a betting knowledge sharing space.
  • It’s a set of tools to help you find the most valuable bets.
  • It’s a partner that will guide you through your betting road.

What can i find at the Academy?

  • An amazing Tip (predictions) system to test your bets without losing money where you can even win prizes;
  • Video courses to learn the all the essentials of sports betting and trading – given by the well-known professional trader Paulo Rebelo;
  • Academy.TV area with several videos made to teach you: basic rules, how to operate trading software, live trading and much more;
  • A Blog rich with learning articles, as well as the best betting house promotions;
  • Football statistics tailored specially for betters;
  • Simple statistics for Tennis, Basketball and Motorsports.;
  • Goal videos of the latest football games: the best moments and game summaries.


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