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Positions at a Poker table

Positions at a Poker table

One of the greatest advantages in Poker is to be the last to speak, because you'll know what everyone else has decided and you'll have more information to decide what to do with your hand.

Therefore, you need to know each different position and how to use its advantagens and and deal with its disadvantages, which is what I try to explain in this article.

by César Dionizio   |   comments 0

Poker is a game in which every advantage should be taken into consideration. One of the greatest advantages is to be the last to speak. This gives you a great advantage, because you'll know what everyone else has decided to do, which will make it easier to decide what to do with your hand, regardless of the cards you have on your hand. Therefore, you need to know the different positions and how to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each different position, which is what I explain in this article.

posicoes poker

In a 9 player table, we have the following positions: Button, Small Blind, Big Blind, Early Position (Under the Gun), Early Position (UTG+1), Early Position (UTG+2), Middle Position 1, Middle Position 2, Cut off.

In Poker, the Button also moves clockwise. Therefore, if you are the button, the opponent to your left will be the button in the next hand. The button always changes after each hand.

dealerThe best position of the table is the Button. While in play, if you are in the button position you are always the last to speak. You can defend this position when you have many chips available, even if your hand isn't strong, because everyone else may have checked. If no one has made a bet, you will have the chance to bluff and win the hand, even with terrible cards.

small blindBig Blind

After the button come the Small Blind and Big Blind positions, in which the players play just to get their cards. The player in small blind is only the last to speak before the flop, afterwards he is always the first, followed by the player in the big blind. Some players believe you should defend the big blinds, but that is not always the case. Consider your cards and who is going to play the hand, because sometimes it's better to lose some money than to lose it all trying to win a little more.


The early positions, better known as UTG (Under The Gun), are considered the worst positions, since before the flop they are the first to speak and afterwards they are still one of the first to speak. Therefore, you should only play from this position if you have a great hand, otherwise, it's best not to do anything.

middle positionsThe middle positions are suitable to player with average or strong hands. Depending on what other players have done, after the flop the player in a middle position may be one of the last to speak, which means he may have more information to decide what to do with his hand.

cut off

The Cut Off position is very special, because if the player in the button position folds he will be the last to speak. Always be aware of players that fold many times when they are in the button position, since in this case it's worth paying to call the flop from this position.

To sum up, your position in the table is very important, since when playing after all of your opponents you will have more information. If many players are playing a hand you know you'll need a stronger hand to win. On the contrary, if everyone has fold any pair will be enough to raise the Blinds. As a general rule, you should play more hands from late positions than from middle positions, and more from these positions than from early ones.