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Online betting and gambling sites grow in pandemic

Online betting and gambling sites grow in pandemic
In the face of restrictive measures worldwide, interest in gambling and betting has increased.
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The pandemic has brought many economic upheavals around the world, but some segments have expanded their businesses in the meantime. One of them was the online gaming and betting industry, which had its business driven by public interest. Faced with restrictive measures on the planet, many people have changed their habits and have had more free time in recent months, looking for new ways to occupy their routine. This was one of the explanations for new users, in addition to the usual ones, to explore this market.

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In Brazil, the same phenomenon occurred, with the growth of bets and games as never before seen. Virtual poker rooms, BlackJack, Roulette, in addition to sports betting, were ways that users chose to guess, try their luck and pass the time. However, within the country there is a concern with this sector, as there has not yet been a definition on the issue of regulation of this market, despite the fact that the discussion is advancing week by week in the National Congress.

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Returning to the numbers, studies show that gaming sectors, such as online casinos, had an increase in revenue of approximately 24% in 2020, compared to the previous year. Famous companies in the industry, such as Flutter Entertainment, released positive numbers in the interval when the pandemic caused major disruptions worldwide. During this period, the group's revenues increased by around 15% in the United Kingdom.
The most surprising figures came from the Stars Group, the company that owns the famous Pokerstars brand. Its revenue grew more than 40% in this year-long period of the pandemic.
These growths have created alerts in some countries, and governments are already taking steps to ensure the security and control of the platforms that offer these services to their population. In Portugal, for example, Parliament wants the government to create restrictions, so that people in its territory are protected against the dangers of that market.

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