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Football - Summary of the weekend round # 29

Football - Summary of the weekend round # 29
Summary of the weekend round with the best betting tips.
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Bundesliga - 32nd Round

Game: Wolfsburg vs Union Berlin
Date: 05/08
Match summary
With 3 rounds to go until the end of the 2020/21 season of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg, which is the 3rd placed on the table, with 57 points, sees itself close to winning its place in the group stage of the next edition of the Champions League, but nothing is guaranteed, on the contrary, a stumbling block in this game with the combination of results from the teams that are just below, can culminate in his fall to 5th position, staying out of the first 4 teams. Therefore, winning is the mandates' only thought.
On the other hand, Union still dreams of the possibility of winning a place in European competitions, although their chances are the minimum possible. In 8th place with 46 points, Union is 4 points behind Leverkusen, which is in 6th place, and from the sixth position it would start to aspire to vacancies in European competitions.
It is true that both teams arrive at the duel motivated by their objectives, however, considering the probability of each goal being achieved, we can design possible scenarios for the game. Based on the motivations and considering the quality of the teams, we will support the following bet.
Betting tip: Wolfsburg to win @ 1.82 - Betfair

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Bundesliga - 32nd Round

Game: Bayern vs Monchengladbach
Date: 08/05
Match summary
After the elimination of the Champions League, Bayern is a victory away from winning another title in the German Championship. It is to be expected that the home team will enter the field to win properly, which is something already characteristic of the team.
Monchengladbach, on the other hand, still dream of winning a place in European competitions, despite the fact that their chances are minimal. In a scenario very similar to that of Union Berlin (8th), he is in 7th place with 46 points, that is, Monche is 4 points behind Leverkusen, who is in 6th place, and from the sixth position he could start aspiring European competitions.
The profile of the teams generates the expectation of a game with many goals, including the history of direct confrontations confirms this. By the way, in the last match Monchengladbach won 3-2.
Now the scenario is totally different and we believe that the home team will build their victory in the first half.
Finally, given the points presented, we will place the following bet for the game.
Betting tip: Bayern to win 1st half @ 1.74 - Betfair

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Premier League - 35th Round

Game: Man. City vs Chelsea
Date: 08/05
Match summary
Man. City could be the 2020/21 Premier League Champion next Saturday if they beat Chelsea at home. A very special game, not only for the possibility of being champion over the arch rival, but also because it is precisely against Chelsea that City will play in the final of the Champions League on 29/05. So if they beat Chelsea next Saturday, Guardiola's team could win two different cups against the same opponent.
If the motivation for the City is the title, for Chelsea what matters is to secure themselves in the first 4, but their place is in serious risk of being filled by another. Currently with 61 points, he has only 3 points more than West Ham (5th).
The motivations are concentrated on the home team, who seeks the title. Considering the performance of the teams, we see a good scenario to support a victory for the home team.
Betting tip: Ma. City @ 2.00 - Betfair

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