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Double Chance Bets in Football

Double Chance Bets in Football
We will show how this type of market works in football matches.
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It is undeniable that the most popular market and with the highest volume of bets in football is 1v2, which basically consists of betting on the winner of the match (or draw). However, there are thousands of markets that open up other possibilities for the bettor, and one of them is the double chance, which offers the possibility to bet on two possible outcomes. Some players, especially beginners, confuse this type of market with the "Draw no bet", also traditional, but with some differences.

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We can describe and explain these differences in a very simple way, since moneyline bets (1v2 market) consist in pointing out only one winner, be it Team A, Team B or a tie. The “draw no bet” market offers two options: betting which team will win the match. If the game ends up in a draw, you don't lose your money, as the bet is voided and your money returned to your account. In addition to these two, we have the "double chance" market, which offers greater chances of winning, as two options must be selected in it: home team win/draw, visiting team win/draw or home team win/win visiting team.

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This means that, if you choose the home team win/away team win option, the match must end with a victory for one of the teams. It will only be a losing bet if the match ends in a draw. In short, you choose two possible outcomes and nullify one. Obviously the winning probabilities offered in this market are much smaller than the 1x2 market, as they offer a greater margin of success. Taking the round of the Brazilian Championship, we will have Santos x Corinthians, and the odds of winning are like this:
Santos' victory is worth 2.15, but in the double possibility market, if they bet on Santos or a draw, the return is 1.30. The single victory of Corinthians is with an odd of 3.50, however, if you choose the double possibility of victory of the team or a draw, the return will be 1.66. Here you can see the clear difference in the amounts paid by the two markets, and it is up to the bettor to analyze which offers the greatest advantage.
In addition to these two possibilities, there is also a chance of victory for one of the teams, thus eliminating the chance of the match ending on an equal footing. By way of comparison, the winning probability for this result is at odds of 1.36, against 3.10 for the classic to end in a draw. This option is interesting when two teams usually play objectively in search of victory, in addition to having few results of draws in their campaigns.
Those who are more familiar with the football markets will notice that the “double chance” option is the same as the Handicap +0.5 market. Although the Handicap has specific characteristics, if you choose +0.5, it means the same chance of victory/draw of one of the teams. However, it is important to evaluate the house rules regarding cashouts, as some offer this option only for one of the two markets mentioned. In addition, there is always a small difference in odds, which is another important factor for analysis by the bettor.
What drives you to opt for a double chance bet? Well, your chances of winning are much higher, this is something logical, being one of the advantages. It is important to always analyze whether the risk is worth it, as the returns are very low. This bet is designed mainly for matches in which you trust that “Team X” is unlikely to lose. However, you have doubts about its chance of winning, as the possibility of a draw is very strong. For analyzes of this type, the double chance market offers the security of betting on this team, because what really matters is that it doesn't lose, since the tie is also in its favor.

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