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Bankroll management

Bankroll management
To become a great poker player it is important to establish appropriate principles for your bankroll management.
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Friday, April 3 2020

It is not enough just to be a skilled player to achieve success in poker, you need something more. One of the most important points to obtain the long-awaited success is to have discipline, thus managing your money very well.

Poor bankroll management can prevent even a great player from raising the stakes, so below we’ll show you some essential bankroll management tips for poker.

Your bankroll is an investment

The starting point is to choose your bankroll, that is, you need to choose a value to invest. Don't forget that choosing an amount to play is the same as investing in the stock market, or any other financial endeavor, but you will be investing in your own skill.

You must be very strict when establishing your bankroll, and not make assumptions that whenever you want you can establish your bankroll again, that would be a path to failure. An important point to treat your bankroll as an investment is that you play your best, valuing every decision you make.

Choose the ideal game

It is essential to choose games with lower rakes and try not to jump between different game variants. Jumping between different variants can be very dangerous, which can lead your bankroll to not endure it.

Another important point is to see beyond the players and the ease of the game. It is relevant that you look for a game with a “beatable” rake or rakeback. This can be complicated in the online scenario, but it is not impossible. MTTs with low and medium stakes are generally easier and you can find many with reasonable rakes.

Play inside your bankroll

This is a very important phase, as it is usually the most difficult to maintain discipline. This is because the player is tempted to play at higher levels.

So, it is important to never play out of your bankroll, follow a disciplined strategy. No player wants to see himself at the micros, but this is where the journey begins, don't try to grab farther than you can reach.

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